Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Group data available as KML

I have been contacted by a number of people wanting to get the Recycling Group Finder Data in the KML file format (suitable for use with Google Earth) so I have added a new feature of the Recycling Group Finder that provides this. Just download the KML file and open it with Google Earth. The file contains all Freecycle and Freegle groups, as well as all other group affiliations that the Recycling Group Finder searches. You should end up with a map of all Recycling and Reuse groups in the world (that the Recycling Group Finder knows about at least).

Though it's fairly obvious you can see that groups are clustered around areas of dense population (download a population density overlay to see this) and that the US and UK are well ahead in Recycling/Reuse group adoption. In particular most countries in mainland Europe have relatively few groups

As always let me know of any problems or any more features you would like to see added.

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