Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Freecycle to Freegle group changes

Groups can now be marked as 'defunct'

This evening I added the ability to mark groups as 'defunct' and have started work on the backlog of Freecycle to Freegle group changes. Most should be done, but let me know if your group still needs changing. At the moment only I can mark groups as defunct so you will need to email me.

Why not just delete groups?

A lot of traffic comes in from search engines. Though I can delete a group I can't delete any search engine listings associated with that group. If I simply delete a group any users coming into that group page from a search engine will get an ugly "Page Not Found" error. Much better to present then with a friendly "That group is no longer active' message and allow them to pick an alternative. You can see this in action on the old Ipswich Freecycle page.

Other Changes

Some people reported that some groups were marked as Freegle Freecycle, this has now been fixed, but let me know if you see any more issues.


Anonymous said...

Been freecycle member for over 4 years. Put a request in as usual, refused as "i was not a member" and had to join. On the freegle web it states "Just to be clear, only the name has changed. The group has the same principles (keeping things out of land ..."
So why did i have to rejoin, and what is the correct email address to use as i did before?

Will said...

You will need to talk to your group 'owner' about this. Email address is on the Yahoo/Google groups page.

trafford freegle said...

If you joined through a group that was run on My Freecycle then you may not have been a Yahoo group member. This would only affect a few groups though.
Trafford Freegle mod

jean quinn said...

My Freegle group is entered correctly except that it is still called Trafford freecycle on your site.

Trevor Gill said...

Your entry for Reading Freegle says
"This group is no longer active!"
This is incorrect - it's a live and kicking ex freecycle group.

Will said...

It looks fine to me:

Send an email to the email address on the site if you see something different.