Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Freecycle to Freegle group changes

Groups can now be marked as 'defunct'

This evening I added the ability to mark groups as 'defunct' and have started work on the backlog of Freecycle to Freegle group changes. Most should be done, but let me know if your group still needs changing. At the moment only I can mark groups as defunct so you will need to email me.

Why not just delete groups?

A lot of traffic comes in from search engines. Though I can delete a group I can't delete any search engine listings associated with that group. If I simply delete a group any users coming into that group page from a search engine will get an ugly "Page Not Found" error. Much better to present then with a friendly "That group is no longer active' message and allow them to pick an alternative. You can see this in action on the old Ipswich Freecycle page.

Other Changes

Some people reported that some groups were marked as Freegle Freecycle, this has now been fixed, but let me know if you see any more issues.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Deleting groups

I've just got back from 10 days of traveling so will be working on the ability to delete groups from the site in the next couple of days.