Monday, 14 September 2009

Freegle groups now supported

I've added support for Freegle groups to the Recycling Group Finder, they worked before but were marked as 'Independent'. Now they will come up as 'Freegle' groups.


lisa said...


I signed up for mod access on Recycling Group Finder, however I was wondering - is it possible for us to change the old Freecycle groups to point to the new Freegle addresses? I run the Newbury group, and would like your site to point to the new group name.

Thank you,
p.s. I think the site is a great tool!

Unknown said...

The Old Bracknell Freecycle Group is playing up when clicking on it sometimes it will work other times it says the group doesn't exist Can you delete the group or redirect like Lisa suggested to the new Freegle Group.


traffordfreeglemods said...

Please add my group.
Please get rid of the old freecycle ones as the freegle are ones added as all new groups will be on

Unknown said...


Guildfordfreecycle has chnaged, we are now in Association with can we please have our new name and link added to Recycle Group Finder? Many thanks.