Friday, 13 March 2009

Up up and up some more

The Recycling Group Finder has been a little unreliable of late. The company I host my sites with started to become more unreliable than usual in the last few months, culminating in two periods of prolonged downtime in the last couple of weeks.

I moved the site to a temporary server after the second outage, though it wasn't possible to get the traffic graphs working on that server. I then started work on moving the site to it's final server, a much more powerful and reliable server that should have fewer problems.

This post is basically to say that it's there, up and running on the new server with traffic graphs and all. There should be no more issues with the site being down, but let me know if you see anything.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi - Apologies, can't seem to find any link to contact you other than this !?
How do I add my recycling group to your group finder ?
It is not TFN affiliated - is that a problem ?
please contact us through our homepage or the owner address which is

Many thanks for your time