Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Easy share links

I have added share links to the group pages so it's really easy to share your local group page with anyone on Twitter and Facebook, they are available just under the map on every group info page, let me know if you want more!


Anonymous said...

Your search isn't quite as brilliant as you imply: 'Your nearest group is '......' Freecycle, 6.3 km away.

Actually it is right here, since I am in the centre and I am the moderator I should know.

Still, very nice indeed. nice that someone else passed on the link.
Do you intend linking to other recycling groups and not just Freecycle?

Will said...

If your group is out of place send me the URL on and the actual location and I will move it for you.

Regarding groups other than Freecycle, the site already supports these as long as the group has a yahoo groups page:

Google groups support will be along in a month or two (Paid work is taking preference).