Monday, 4 August 2008

New blog, fixes and new features!

I realised that there was no way for me to communicate all the new things that were happening on the Recycling Group Finder site so I have created this blog to fix that, and I am going to kick off with news of a bug-fix and a couple of new features.

'Remember Me' works again for moderator login

It was broken for a while, but now it's fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused, hopefully should make peoples lives easier.

Areas Covered

An optional list of areas a group covers can be entered in the admin section for a group. This won't affect the search results on the site, that will remain strictly based on a geographical proximity, but it may have an affect on what page people land on from search engines, and the information will be of course be displayed to visitors.


Moderators, you can now add a free-form text note to your group, should you feel the need.

Cache expiry

Any changes to the group made from the admin page will show up on the group page (URLs starting with /group) immediately as I made cache expiry work properly. Previously changes would take up to 24 hours to become visible on the site.

Location pages (ie. those beginning with /location) will still take up to 24 hours to update.

New domain name

I bought a shiny new domain name for the site,, and will be shifting the site to that from it's current home at Don't worry, all links to the old domain name will still work and will forward onto the correct location on the new domain.

That's all for now!


Lainey said...

How do I go about adding awhole bunch of new recycle groups to your group finder? Also update some changed Freecycles (Freecycle ones that changed) thanks

Will said...

Use the email address on this page to contact me and we will discuss it!